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St. Louis Against Sexual Assault is a survivor led organization that provides sexual assault prevention training for the service industry in and around St. Louis.


St. Louis Against Sexual Assault is a survivor led organization that provides sexual assault prevention training to service industry professionals. SASA aims to change service industry standards and prevent sexual violence by providing tools to respond and reduce harassment and assault in the workplace.


More sexual harassment claims in the U.S. are filed in the restaurant industry than any other. 90% of women and 70% of men have reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment at work, and transgender employees are three times more likely to be harassed in the workplace than cisgender employees.


A yearly membership that provides continuous support to your business. This includes training new staff members, updating signage and the inclusion of your business to our list of establishments committed to change. Businesses who join the CCA will be listed on the site and will serve as a tool for patrons.


St. Louis Against Sexual Assault provides Active Bystander Training through the SafeBar Network that educates professionals on how to respond and reduce sexual assault and harassment. Our inclusive curriculum educates team members so that they feel more confident when situations arise. 


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How to Flirt Without Being a Creep…

Here’s the deal: respect and consent should be your top priorities. First things first, create an atmosphere that’s not suffocating or awkward. Be friendly, chill, and make sure the other person doesn’t feel like they’re trapped in a bad rom-com. Respect “No” and give people their personal space. 

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